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Welcome to DOGTORS, the premier provider of Animal-assisted Therapy Teams in the Miami Valley area.  We are your source for both team and professional training.


With the 'loosening' of the Coronavirus restrictions, we have been able to resume classes, but there may be changes of days and locations.  


Fall classes are now planned!

Springfield, Thursday, September 8

Troy, Monday, September 12

Beavercreek, Thursday, September 15 

(Beavercreek classes will be normally on Tuesdays)  


 For the most up-to-date info, including space availability, please call us at (937) 284-0602.


There are many choices in AAT providers, and this website is here to help you make the right decision for you.  For a quick overview, click on the "Compare AAT Programs" on the left side.  As DOGTORS has been associated with nearly every group, we can answer your questions.



This informational website is designed for you, whether you have a potential pet or you are a healthcare provider. We have several pages of information which you can access at the upper left of each page. DOGTORS is also available by phone and can provide presentations to groups on all levels.

DOGTORS offers both AAT training and certification for teams plus an Administration level training section called CAT, for Comprehensive Animal-assisted Therapy.  This program is focused on registered AAT teams and agencies who utilize AAT looking to gain a private certification as an AAT Specialist. DOGTORS is a private company (LLC) and CERTIFIED AAT trainer. This is a home-study training course available worldwide.  See the CAT Program pages for more details.


DOGTORS maintains high standards and will not provide teams to any organization that we consider unsafe or unethical.  This information is available upon request.
For more information about this or any other questions about DOGTORS, you can contact us at
937-284-0602 * 937-284-0707 or at DOGTORSAAT@GMAIL.COM