A higher degree of Animal-assisted Therapy

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  • Our teams are CERTIFIED, not just registered.  Most groups fall short in providing the education you really need.  And though many places do still accept registered teams, more and more facilities see the need for certified teams.  That's because they know those teams are trained & educated in the overall field of AAT, which means less less liability and a higher satisfaction result with their clients.  A certified team is not trained how to pass a test, but rather the really important factors that make the real difference to everyone involved.
  • We provide the most comprehensive training available. The Trainers and Evaluators are animal professionals, meaning you get the right information, the right training and a fair, unbiased assessment (some groups use volunteers to teach and test who have no background with animals other than their own family pet).
  • Our class fee is $75, and there are scholarships available to those who qualify.
  • As a Team of DOGTORS, there are NO annual fees, dues or other costs..... EVER!
  • No class fee for teams replacing an animal partner.
  • No other organization to maintain a membership with.
  • Personal, professional obedience / behavioral training and consultation available for our teams is included.
  • Our community service goes beyond helping humans: "Medical Mutts & Associates" has been created to promote adoptions through shelters and rescues by DOGTORS Animal-Assisted Therapy.
  • DOGTORS is also a worldwide provider of professional AAT training, which is also available to our Teams for $25 (normal course fee is $125).
  • Best of all, our AAT services are always provided for free to the community.  And our fundraisers are to help OTHER organizations, not our own.  If we hold our hand out, it is to offer something to someone else.

Best Friends


  • Purpose? The teams are actually registered through a different organization.
  • Paying TWICE? Yearly organizational fees must be paid to TWO groups when only one is required.
  • No local control with registrar.
  • Limited facilities that will accept 'registered' teams.




  • Registered, not Certified.
  • Total fees starting out around or above $100 with yearly dues.
  • Not accepted in all facilities.
  • Limited team-only liability.
  • Very limited training.

Therapy Dogs

International, Inc.



  • Registered, not certified
  • Annual dues (approx $35/yr).
  • Very restrictive (i.e. no physical therapy use)
  • No training (testing only)
  • Not accepted in many facilities.






  • Better training than TDI, Delta or Best Friends.
  • Trainers and Evaluators are NOT required to be animal professionals, which can result in misjudgement.  These are volunteers and NO prior animal knowledge required. 
  • Emphasis is on providing more hours helping the club than helping those clients the teams intended to visit.
  • Yearly dues.
  • Less than 50% graduation rate (mvpta yearly report 2009).
  • Teams are certified, but not accepted in major facilities that utilize DOGTORS Teams.


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