Animals Helping People
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DOGTORS is an AAT provider, not a 'club'. The training at DOGTORS is unsurpassed in ALL areas of AAT. We also provide post-graduate OJT for rehabilitation work with Physical Therapists. Our Teams have several advantages over other AAT groups:

'Visiting' is the only time invested. There are no 'service' hours or non-AAT CE's required. You may participate in seminars or events as you wish and will be supported by DOGTORS as you request.

DOGTORS has a professional AAT Specialist course available.

AAT-Standard Yearly Vet checks with a Vet-friendly form.


DOGTORS is not owned or operated by a group and is not a Non-profit organization. However, DOGTORS does operate solely as an all-volunteer community service, which means class fees, etc. are based only to offset the expenses. DOGTORS can accept contributions, but they are not tax deductable.  There are no paid staff, which means every penny goes into providing our services.  DOGTORS commitment is to remain 100% focused on providing the best Animal-Assisted Therapy Teams in the country.

Recertification is based on the Team's total yearly visit hours.

Our Teams make one phone call for everything. There is no waiting for the 'next meeting' for an answer.

Our Teams can receive up to a 25% discount for professional Veterinary services and medications.

DOGTORS Chief of Staff has been associated with every major local, national, federal and international AAT program & the AKC-CGC......more than anyone else in the nation. He knows how they work, and has the answers to your AAT or Ohio dog law questions. DOGTORS is also the only AAT provider to request accreditation with JCAHO.


Most people think about dogs when they think about animal-assisted therapy, but all of our 'therapists' are not dogs. We also have cats, rabbits and horses, both full size and miniature, which have their own role, or 'specialty', in AAT. Every species has its uniqueness and DOGTORS uses these creatures in the appropriate environment.

What makes DOGTORS different?

You will be trained by an AAT professional... not a volunteer! *

You will be evaluated by animal professionals. *

16-hour medical and AAT specific training.

Background checked.

8 week animal evaluation and screening.

Both written and team tests required.

Trained for working in many fields of AAT.

* It is important for you to have animal professionals involved in your training and evaluation because an untrained person is more likely to 'fail' you during a test because of not understanding the entire scope of what they should be grading.  Is this something you want to risk?

Consider who will be training or testing you.  Most trainers and evaluators in AAT do not have a professional background in animal training or AAT, and many are simply animal owners who volunteer for the job.

DOGTORS does not use 'volunteers' in training or evaluating.  We only use qualified professionals with a background with AAT or with animal behavior, health or training.

This is important for two reasons: You need to have someone who can really help you during your training.  But you also deserve a fair evaluation by a group that understands animals and their behavior.

If you are considering different groups, ask the questions.  There is a difference between having professional help 'available' verses someone by your side every step of the way.  It is your time, money and desire to do AAT that should be the most important to you, and just one person could ruin it for you and your partner.

Are you disappointed with your current AAT group?
DOGTORS understands that regretting a choice can easily happen in AAT.  Many people have made a decision only to find out later there was something better.
If this has happened to you, we may be able to help.  We know you have invested time and money and, depending on your current or past association with another group, and we want you to be able to make as smooth of a transition as possible.  Just keep in mind that we do not participate in multiple associations with other groups if you decide to become a team of DOGTORS.


Sound too complicated?  Maybe all you want to do is simple bedside visiting.  There is nothing wrong with that, but what you want to look at overall is what YOU and your partner should invest in.  Almost any animal can visit someone without biting them, so lets set the majority of the creatures in the 'good' category.  Out of those, many can test and pass some type of AAT testing. This 15-minute test can give you a 'snapshot' of how your animal will do, but it does nothing for you.  Believe it or not, you are likely to be a greater risk to a facility or a client than your partner, and you also can shorten your partners life because of what you don't know.