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A TEAM starts with an animal and human that can work together as a unit.  It is a partnership that encompasses communications and trust between the two members.  It is not animal training -- it is the creation of a working AAT team.

Normally, a team is made up of an animal with its owner, but we have teams that are made up of neighbors, relatives or co-workers.  The animal and human do not have to belong to each other, but they do have to train together.

We need to start with an animal that is absolutely 110% people friendly. The animal must be able to pass a course that includes dealing with 'scary' looking people, odors, medical machines, alarms.... just about anything! DOGTORS puts a high priority on making sure the animal is confident and ready for it's new and unique career.  If your animal is even slightly hesitant about strangers, you will need to work on that before starting training.



The Handler and pet are a Team, but it is the human that is really getting the education. There are many facets in AAT work, and your training at DOGTORS University will provide you with the knowledge that makes a DOGTORS graduate stand out in the medical community.
DOGTORS Teams have earned respect by their professionalism in Animal-Assisted Therapy.

Because of recent changes in the laws, DOGTORS is now able to use most of the dogs classified as high-liability breeds*.  There are extra requirements, but all within reason.

  • Letter of history from an animal professional OR
  • Separate AKC Canine Good Citizen Test

* Chow / Doberman / German Shepherd / Akita / Mastiff / Rottweiler / Pitbulls. DOGTORS does not utilize reptiles, birds and Ferrets.



DOGTORS is composed of four sections:

* DOGTORS AAT is the parent group.

* DOGTORS University is the team training section.

* DOGTORS On-Call is a 24/7 emergency service to provide  AAT "Pawamedics" Teams during disasters, etc., and especially where children are involved.

* CAT is our professional training division

What is a Team?