A higher degree of Animal-assisted Therapy

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If you are interested in the CAT:SCAN-CT program, please fill out the form.

If you need more information, there is no obligation, no fee, and your information is kept secure.

Cost of the program varies as to which you prefer or qualify for and is listed below.

Because this program is available worldwide, mailing cost is additional because of variances between countries.  Typical shipping in the U.S. is $10 or less.


We rely on PayPal to make your purchase as easy and as secure as possible.  Your protection is paramount with us.

You may use this form to purchase or request further information. If you are intersted in purchasing the program, please include a mailing address and which version you want or qualify for. Our system is set up with PayPal and accepts credit cards and PayPal accounts. A personal invoice will be e-mailed to you.

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How did you find out about DOGTORS and/or the CAT Program?
How are you involved in AAT?
Is AAT used or going to be used on your job, such as a Physical therapist or Counselor?
Which version of the program do you prefer or qualify for? The CD only version is shipped with a protective CD case. The printed version comes with the full print workbook on heavy paper, a high-quality binder and the CD.
Regular course ($125)
Group of 2-4 ($100/person)
Group of 5 or more ($75/person)
CD only version ($90)
CD only - group 2+ ($75/person)
DOGTORS Facilities ($75) (additional group discount for 2 or more)
DOGTORS Teams ($25)


I hereby declare that I am at least 18 years of age and not working in a capacity that is responsible for or has knowledge of any unethical treatment of animals or humans and further am not associated in any way with organizations disqualified by DOGTORS AAT, LLC.
I so declare
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