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Murphy has been a DOGTOR since 2003 and has provided his wisdom in this section on legal topics you may have never thought of...


Here is a one for thought:  A doctor has a patient in Facility X.  Part of the treatment plan prescribed for this patient includes therapy animal visits, but there is a problem..... the facility does not allow animals of any kind!

Does the doctor's orders supercede that of the facility?

Actually, no.  For some facilities, some treatment plans from a physician may not always be workable.  It may be because of resources (most often the case), or there is a conflict with policy.

There are two possible resolutions.  One is the patient is moved to a different facility.  The other is the care provider 'facilitates' the request by the physician.

It is in the best interest of the facility to provide for the patient as requested in the care plan, as future referrals may be depend on that. 

But what about us as AAT providers who are caught in the middle?

It's their facility, not ours!  We start by using an approach where we do not appear to be forcing our way in.  If a facility is making exceptions to their rules by letting a team in, we have an opportunity to make it a good or a bad experience for them.  No doubt you know what is right, so be the best you can be.  Teams of DOGTORS are educated to handle the positive aspects of AAT.

Stick to the job assigned.  Unless the facility asks if you can visit other clients, you concentrate on the 'prescribed' client.  It is likely that you may be asked by the staff to visit them or other clients, and you will probably have clients along your route that want to visit.  In either case, never turn down an opportunity to make a good impression with your partner. 

These things can definitely have a good effect with facility, and we use our best tool to help us....our partner!

So remember, just because it's what a doctor wants for their patients, there is no guarantee that can happen.



Murphy's Law