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Forest Glen Health Campus 

DOGTORS has made a change in our Springfield training Location!  We are now holding our classes at Forest Glen Health Campus.  It is newer, easier to get to, and interested in having the best therapy teams for their residents.  Nights and times are the same as before.  We have changed the map on the 'driving directions' page to show the location.


DOGTORS is proud to announce the addition of the Kettering Sycamore Network, adding 6 more facilities for our teams to provide AAT & ASI.  The months of dedicated efforts by Kettering and Sycamore hospitals developed a plan to cover not only AAT/ASI, but policies for family pets and service animals alike.  The opportunities are huge and there are many areas of use for our teams.  The staff are warm and welcoming and the entire environment is one every team would like.



"It's my party and I'll sing if I want to........
Abbiegail Hunter and her classmates are having a celebration for their Reading Dog Alex.  Mrs. Klarer's 2nd grade class at Enon Elementary decided to have a Birthday party for him -- with party hats and all the trimmings included.  But the real surprise came when the kids sang Happy Birthday to him.... Alex joined in!!!!  I understand it was worthy of a video, but no one anticipated what he was going to do!  The most important part is the class cared enough about Alex to celebrate his day.  Alex has asked us to not reveal his age.  





There were two areas at GMH that utilized AAT.... and both of them are now closed.  Both Behavioral Health and Rehab are gone and there is no indication of them being revived at the new hospital in Beavercreek.  Bob Wisenberger and his 'creatures' worked BH for almost 5 years, and even as of three days before the unit closed, no one on the unit knew.  We will try to keep you updated if there is new information. 


Billboard number 2 for a DOGTORS Team!

A recent discovery was our own Dogtor Cookie and her family (both of whom are also her AAT teamates) on an outdoor advertisement for our Springfield Masonic Community!  The trio were not aware of the display, so we made a phone call to make sure Cookie went for a ride to see it 'in person' (or should it be called 'in dog'?). 


Dogtors mourns the loss of our own sweet, little lady "Angie".  Amy and Angie have been a Team with Dogtors since the summer of 2005, and Amy's loss is enormous.  Her bond with Angie was a blessing to her, Angie's clients and to Dogtors.   

We are still here to support Amy in any way we can.